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Published: 20 Nov 2021

The Compact Hood of the PSI Dust

The 13x16x10 inch hood of the PSI Dust is 1.65 pounds and can fit in the back of most cars, vans, and light vehicles, as well as on any bike rack. There are two common setup for a dust collection system. The first is a bag of dust, the second is a hood.

Some dust collectors are large, while others are small. If you are a good carpenter, you will want the larger size of the dust collector because of the difficulties of cleaning it on a regular basis. A compact dust collection is the best way to go if you use a saw often.

A large, robust one is not necessary to store so much dust. A 10-inch saw can cut through a lot of wood. A 12-inch saw is more capable than a 10-inch one.

Custom-built dust bag for sawing

If you want to add a dust collection bag to your saw, you should order a factory-made bag. If your saw is out of production, you can build a custom-built dust bag. The first thing to do is to take a good look at your saw.

The back of the blade housing has a dust collection port. The dust port is usually pointing downward. There are two styles of dust ports.

One style requires you to put the dust pickup inside the port. It's important to size your bag. The bag will become heavy if it is too large.

If the bag is too small, you will need to empty it. Attach the bag to the tube when it's complete. Some people use a rope to attach their bag to the tube.

Others use a mechanical device. The fit should be tight and secure to be safe and prevent dust particles from escaping. There are several reasons to make the dust collection system in your shop better.


Dust particles can cause serious problems. The damage can range from old tools to your own life. Cleaning the mess can be difficult.

The saw blows dust in all directions. You will find dust everywhere if you cut one cut. The dust collector can't take all the dust storm in.

There are different types of saws. You can use compound saws to make cuts. There are sliding and stationary saws.

Simple jobs can be done with the stationary saws. The sliding mitre has rails on which it can be slid to cover large pieces of board. The prices are different with the ease and flexibility they offer.

Depending on the type of tasks you want to do, you should have one or the other. The bag should be cut from the other side. The cut should be large enough to fit the tubing.

Making a good saw by yourself

A woodwork project is going on and a dust bag is being used. You can empty the dust bag when you notice it is full, and then fix it with the saw. There are new saws with a dust bag.

You can make a good miter saw by yourself if you buy one that has no dust bag. Older versions do not have a bag. You can buy a dust bag for those models.

Below are some guidelines on how to make one yourself. The next step is to make the bag, when the material you need is available. If you don't know the exact measurement, you can use the pillowcase size.

Measure the length and width of the pillowcase with a measuring tape. The stick is needed to insert the drawstring. The stick should be longer than the top.

The Saw-Seal

The plastic tubes should be long. How can you place the back in the right position if you make it two-shot? But how?

There is a chance to blow out the back of the saw if you use a long-tail tube. Start cutting the pipe. A saw is an excellent way to cut the line.

Dust Bags for Workshop Safety

Dust bags are important for the safety of workshops since they can be an issue with the saws. They make a difference by keeping your tools and parts clean and preventing operators from inhaling airborne particles. The bag joins the saw and collects dust and debris. Attaching saws to a shop vacuum will make disposal easier and better.

Dust Removal in a Workshop

That is not really important, but suffice to say that a lot of dust is produced in a short time. It is well known that trying to get dust from a saw is very difficult. It is a nuisance and can cause sticking of the turntable over time.

Dust is created from sawing activity, from a simple hand saw to a full blown table saw. If you have bought a power tool such as a planer or circular saw, you will know that it has a dust outlet. You can get a small canvas bag that can be attached to a piece of furniture to help reduce dust.

Dust created by a blade can get into places you never imagined. That includes your eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth. Dust particles in the air can be breathed in and that can be extensive.

The impact would be minimal for a lot of people who only cut a few pieces of wood every now and then. If you are working on bigger projects, the type of dust in the air can affect your breathing and respiration. Artificial light in a shed, garage or workshop can be a problem, but real light can be a better option.

It also means there is less dust to clean up as a lot of will blow away in the wind. A dust bag is usually the only thing that comes with most saws. If you have used a saw like a mitre, you will know that it doesn't capture all the dust.

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