It's Useful To Know Miter Saw Guard Spring


Author: Loyd
Published: 10 Nov 2021

The wires in the saw blade

The spring has two wires. The picture shows the inner and outer prongs in the hole, with the outer one sticking up at 2 pm. The inner prong goes into a small hole in the center of the plastic guard.

The metal blade on the saw itself has a outer prong. The last part is difficult. Make sure the three-pronged middle piece fits into the correct position so that when the screw is tightened it is held in place.

The Maintenance and Repair of Power Miter Saws

The misher saws are a vital power tool in any woodwork station for precise and accurate angle cuts. The tools may malfunction due to wear and tear due to continuous usage. The blade guards on a miter saw are exposed and can be damaged.

A safety feature put in place to protect the carpenters and woodwork experts from injuries is a miter saw blade guard. Caution should be put in your workshop because the saw blade spins at a high rate of speed. The blade guard is usually made of plastic.

The guards move up a little when you start to make a cut. The blade guard on the saw helps direct sawdust to the back dust chute and into the vacuum or collection bag. It is important to make sure that the blade guard is in place when working on woodwork tasks due to safety concerns.

It is not wise to compromise on your well-being because of a cheap blade guard. Give everything a good blast of compressed air to start the cleaning. A vacuum set to blow will work in a pinch.

The loose bits are removed and the rest is clean. The plastic parts can be cleaned. If you notice areas that were deliberately greased on other parts, make sure you replace the grease when you reassemble.

The Spin-Spin Guard

The next step is to loosen the nuts and bolts. You might need different tools to do it. You might need to use a screwdriver or Allen wrench.

The 982624001 Part for the Craftsman Miter Saw Model

The 982624001 is a replacement part for the Craftsman Miter Saw models. The weight is 0.65 lbs. Porter Cable has a full line of power tools, equipment and accessories.

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