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Author: Albert
Published: 15 Nov 2021

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Dust Removal in a Workshop

That is not really important, but suffice to say that a lot of dust is produced in a short time. It is well known that trying to get dust from a saw is very difficult. It is a nuisance and can cause sticking of the turntable over time.

Dust is created from sawing activity, from a simple hand saw to a full blown table saw. If you have bought a power tool such as a planer or circular saw, you will know that it has a dust outlet. You can get a small canvas bag that can be attached to a piece of furniture to help reduce dust.

Dust created by a blade can get into places you never imagined. That includes your eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth. Dust particles in the air can be breathed in and that can be extensive.

The impact would be minimal for a lot of people who only cut a few pieces of wood every now and then. If you are working on bigger projects, the type of dust in the air can affect your breathing and respiration. Artificial light in a shed, garage or workshop can be a problem, but real light can be a better option.

It also means there is less dust to clean up as a lot of will blow away in the wind. A dust bag is usually the only thing that comes with most saws. If you have used a saw like a mitre, you will know that it doesn't capture all the dust.

The Compact Hood of the PSI Dust

The 13x16x10 inch hood of the PSI Dust is 1.65 pounds and can fit in the back of most cars, vans, and light vehicles, as well as on any bike rack. There are two common setup for a dust collection system. The first is a bag of dust, the second is a hood.

Some dust collectors are large, while others are small. If you are a good carpenter, you will want the larger size of the dust collector because of the difficulties of cleaning it on a regular basis. A compact dust collection is the best way to go if you use a saw often.

A large, robust one is not necessary to store so much dust. A 10-inch saw can cut through a lot of wood. A 12-inch saw is more capable than a 10-inch one.

Saw Adapter for the Shop Vacuum

It is easy to connect a shop vac to a saw. Some models will allow you to put the shop vac into the dust port. There is no need to buy a new vacuum or a saw.

You can usually find an accessory that will allow you to use your current tools in tandem. It is easy to use a universal adapter, it only takes a small cut with a knife on the rubber to get everything to fit up nicely. The dust port of your saw and the end of your vacuum hose are where the adapter will slip onto.

You can use duct tape to seal things up. You can buy the saw hoods at local hardware stores and big box chains. Some models can be expensive.

Dust Pickup

The pick up is made in a Y shape because the front of the table was not being cleaned. The Y goes down below the table to pull the dust from the front of the saw table.

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